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The Nose Breathe Mouthpiece

Nose Breathe mouthpieces are custom made. It requires an upper and/or upper and lower impressions. After an order is placed, a self-impression kit is mailed.

Self Impression KitThe impression kit will come with instructions and photos, and includes a prepaid U.S. Priority Mail envelope. Follow the instructions carefully and mail your impression to us. The Nose Breathe mouthpiece is made in our lab and mailed back to you. To prevent a delay, the key is to send us a good impression.

The fees are $140.00 for the Nose Breathe® (NB), $335.00 for the Nose Breathe® for Heavy Mouth Breather (NB/HMB), and $445.00 for both appliances (NB AND NB/HMB). Add $24.95 for shipping*. $30.00 for the Nose Breathe® Tongue Positioner(NB/TP): $35.00 for the Nose Breathe® Trainer(NB/T). Add $6.30 ($13.50 International) for shipping. Hawaii residents add 4.712% tax. Please read disclaimer. The impression kits are not for children and those with braces. The Nose Breathe Trainer which does not require an impression is available to children and those adults who want to experience the lip seal/tongue suction before committing to a custom made nosebreathe®. Please contact us, if you have any questions.

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*Nose Breathe® Trainer - No impressions necessary.

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If you feel you have not been helped with any of the custom fitted Nose Breathe appliances, send them back to our office within four weeks. We will refund your money minus the shipping. Please read disclaimer.

*Shipping charge for Canada and Mexico is $31.95. Shipping charge for other International orders is $36.95. Return postage for international orders must go through ones country postal system.

Steven K. Sue, D.D.S., M.S., Inc. Honolulu, HI USA Tel. (808) 949-8876